Each and every single person in the world cares for their beauty and health regardless of gender and age. Everyone likes to get the attraction and attention of other people. Outer looks are one of those factors that affect most in this case. So people go through various skin care or beauty treatments to maintain their skin or beauty. Waxing is one such treatment which has globally recognized as a very effective skin care treatment among the other skin care treatments.


When it comes to waxing treatment, it is done in almost all the beauty salons in the world. But do all these salons carry out the process in a proper way? That is something that should get your attention. Not only waxing, when you want to have any kind of treatment you should always go for an experience and well-known beauty salon which has built their reputation in the field in a good way. If you are residing in Skokie, Elena’s Skin Care is one such reputed and professional beauty salon that you can always rely on and they are one of the bests in Skokie. They have been in the field for quite some time now and they had served for thousands of customers which led them to build a strong and heavy customer base.


What is Waxing?


Simply, waxing is removing hair in the skin; to be more specified, waxing is temporary removal of hair from their roots. After this temporary removal, new hair will appear from 3-8 weeks which leads you to have another waxing within 4-5 weeks after the previous waxing. Waxing treatment can be done to any part of the body including eyebrows, chest area, face, legs, arms, back, feet etc.


There are many kinds of waxing and there are two main methods.


  • Strip Wax


Waxing is executed by spreading a wax combination very finely across the skin. A disposable strip is then pressed on the top and pulled out with a quick movement in opposition to the direction of hair growth. Then the wax along with the hair and dead skin cells will be removed, leaving the skin smooth.





  • Hot Wax


This method of waxing requires hot wax, a delicate wax specifically applied to the skin. The wax then hardens when it cools, thus permitting the easy removal by a therapist without the aid of disposable strips which were used in the Strip Wax method. This waxing method is more effective to people who have sensitive skins when compared to the other method.



Benefits of Waxing


  • In Waxing, You will encounter no damage to the skin.


When you remove your hair using hair removing creams and shaving, sometimes you might have to undergo pigmentations, bad smelling skin and cuts which might occur in shaving. You do not have to take any risks like these in waxing.


  • One shot and many benefits.


When you wax your skin, it will not only remove your hair, it will remove the dead cells on your skin which will lead to a smooth and glowing skin.


  • Finer and softer body hair


Unlike in shaving, new hair appear after waxing is of a finer and softer kind. But after shaving, you will get rougher kind of hair. And it doesn’t cause ugly stubble as in shaving.


  • Waxing makes hair grow slower.
  • Waxing is fast and comfortable when compared to other hair removal methods.


There are many more benefits that you will get by having a waxing treatment. After a waxing treatment, you should probably have your next waxing treatment in 4-5 weeks, because new hair will appear in that period. A regular waxing will lead hair to grow slower and finer. So it is important to have a regular waxing.


If you want to have an effective waxing, you should have the help of an experience therapist. There are some kinds of waxing that should be done by a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician. We always experience the outcomes of false treatment methods done by fake therapists through social media and other news feeds. So be careful when choosing the correct therapist and the salon, because once it is happened, there is no point in regretting. That is why it is so important go for a place like Elena’s Skin Care where you can find experienced and talented therapists who serve their clients with passion.



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