Performed using a special pain-reducing technique and applying an anesthetic numbing spray in sensitive areas. Clients receive information about post-waxing care. Waxing services provided:

Eye blow








Full face




Half arm


Full arm


Full chest


Full abdomen


Half leg


Full leg


Traditional bikini


French bikini


Brazilian bikini


Full back


About Us

Elena, a well trained beautician start her own salon at a lease room without having employee and serve beauty treatment to her clients all types of skincare needs. Now a day, Elena Skin Care is a famous skin care salon located at 4140 Dempster st. Skokie, IL. At Elena Skin Care, she specialize in skin health, adult or teen acne and simply looking for the fountain of youth. Elena offers five services to our valuable clients: Facials, Advanced Facials, Microdermabrasion, Waxing and Tinting.

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